Why Enlighten?
Guaranteed whiter smile.
The difference with Enlighten Whitening is the results. Follow your dentist’s guidelines and teeth will whiten beyond any other system.

Guaranteed results
Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient. And it has a 98% success rate.

No pain, more gain
Guaranteed long lasting whitening results AND low sensitivity.

Change your life, not your lifestyle
Which staining foods must your teeth whitening patient avoid? None at all. With Enlighten, your patient get exceptional whitening results… without any change in their diet.

Completely safe
Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface.

Here at Hanwell Dental Care we provide a wide range of dental implant solutions specific to every individual’s needs.
Dental implants are the perfect solution for the replacement of missing teeth and stabilising loose dentures.

Made from a titanium screw with a tooth crown on top, the implants are attached to your jawbone to create a natural fix. With a custom-made crown, the implants are built to exactly suit your mouth, making them virtually undetectable.

Because dental implants are inserted into your jawbone, they stimulate the chewing action which is needed to keep your bones strong.

Without this action, the bone will begin to disappear, changing the shape of your mouth, the way you eat and speak and even causing your face to sink in and make you look prematurely aged.

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